5 Things to Remember When Using a ruTorrent Seedbox

rutorrent seedbox,rutorrent seed boxUsing a ruTorrent seedbox has become increasingly popular over the past several years.

If you are new to seedbox hosting, especially a ruTorrent seedbox then there are a few things to you need to know.

There are a lot of different BitTorrent clients to choose from and each one is unique. Utilizing them effectively will largely determine how satisfied you are with the service.

A ruTorrent Seedbox Relies on rTorrent

If you are new to ruTorrent then you may not realize that it is only the web frontend for rTorrent. rTorrent is a text-base BitTorrent client that is popular because it emphasizes high server performance.

ruTorrent simply makes using rTorrent easier.

rTorrent is inherently lightweight to allow for maximum customisation and optimisation. ruTorrent simply makes it easier to use.

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Pay Attention to the Settings

When you first sign up for a ruTorrent seedbox it is important to double-check all of the settings before you get started.

For example, you should only enable the “Receive messages from tracker” option.

This is especially important for rTorrent v.0.8.5 and later.

The problem is that enabling some other messages can cause rTorrent to crash, especially if they include non-UTF-8 characters.

Additionally, if you need to change the rTorrent port, then you also need to make some changes in the ruTorrent configuration file to keep everything running smoothly.

A VPS ruTorrent Seedbox Has Some Limitations

When you sign up for your seed-box the first decision to make is whether you want a full dedicated server or a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

With a VPS you are actually sharing a single server will a handful of other users.

As a result, there are certain settings and configurations you may not have control over.

This can affect how some ruTorrent plugins operate. Without root access there may be some plugins which you can’t use at all.

For new users this may not be a big deal, but more experienced seedbox users typically prefer a dedicated server.

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You don’t Need Every ruTorrent Plugin

One of the most common questions new ruTorrent users ask is which plugins they should install.

The ruTorrent framework is designed so the plugins greatly affect how ruTorrent operates.

Every plugin is designed to serve a specific purpose. If you don’t need it, then it is normally better not to install it.

For example, the RSS plugin is designed to fetch torrent files via RSS download links.
If you won’t be grabbing torrent files this way then there is no reason to install it because every plugin takes up extra space.

Even the best seedbox for torrents has space limitations and getting rid of unnecessary plugins is a great way to create some extra space for new torrent files. At the same time, many plugins are designed to provide additional functionality and flexibility so choose which ones you want to use carefully.

Remember, you can always reinstall plugins if you change your mind.

Not All ruTorrent Seedbox Providers Are the Same

A common mistake new users make is assuming every provider is the same.

The hosting of seedboxes requires a significant amount of support, resources, and technical expertise to be successful.

This is why many providers don’t stay around very long.

Seedbox providers which have been around for a while have already established an advanced infrastructure which is beneficial to their customers.

Take your time and compare all of the available options so that you choose the right one.

A ruTorrent seedbox is an extremely flexible and powerful resource.

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Choosing the right provider and getting everything setup doesn’t have to be difficult.

By remembering these five tips, you can save space and get the most out of your seedbox with very little effort.